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1524 North Vasco Road
Livermore, California
United States
Contact: Malaak Gorgios
[email protected]
407 5298
   407 Rave Customer Reviews
These are the positive reviews given by real customers when they visited this location and received their Loyalty Reward email.

I like the big bbq beef lean and chopped sandwiches. To make the sandwiches better, warming the bun would make it softer. When the sandwich meat cools the sandwich gets dry so a warm bun would help. The side dishes are all good and hot fries. 2017-11-01 22:17:39

I like the daily specials. 2017-11-01 21:52:43

I LOVE the onion rings the best. The sandwiches aren't that plentiful, and often the sausage is too spicy. The ONLY reason I go there is for the onion rings, otherwise, for a sandwich, I'd prefer to go to TOGO's. 2017-10-11 13:39:39

Friendly staff 2017-09-25 21:52:15

The ribs were simply the best I ever tasted. Period. 2017-08-14 21:55:36

Prompt friendly an courteous service. Food very good! 2017-07-25 12:55:19

Quick service, yummy as always - thanks! 2017-07-22 20:02:32

The meat was moist and juicy and the ribs were great. 2017-07-21 14:30:37

The food is good, the service is great, just wish the soft serve wasn't so "soft." 2017-07-19 14:06:21

great carwash 2017-07-18 23:11:02

Food tastes great! 2017-07-17 15:09:25

The food the service great bbq joanj 2017-07-08 18:10:26

Lov the BBQ, pork,slaw, nac&cheese. 2017-07-03 15:24:50

The food and service was great. Had 100 people at a party, they all loved the food. 2017-06-18 19:36:30

Well, the prices went up, but the portions are still rather small! 2017-05-18 13:42:12

Good Bar-B-Que, friendly service, and fair prices. 2017-05-02 21:02:06

Well i like the barbecue. But last time i was there wasn't the same seems like a new owner took over i haven't been back since. The portions are already small but seemed much smaller the last time. And way over priced also. $5 reward an insult 2017-05-01 22:00:51

fast service 2017-04-01 21:59:48

It is something an individual can use, doesn't require 2 or a crowd. 2017-04-01 21:37:13

Brisket is lean and full of flavor. 2017-04-01 21:18:12

great food and service 2017-03-16 13:51:59

Good food - consistently good quality. Staff always efficient and courteous. 2017-03-14 22:12:54

Free Ice Cream and Pickles with every purchase need I say more! 2017-03-14 22:03:01

Sherri 2017-03-14 21:22:41

Always tasty food and a cone at the end! 2017-03-14 21:07:06

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