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Set up Computer for Self Check-in by Visiting Customers
Step 1: Prepare Computer
  1. In the computer's Contro Panel's User Account settings create 2 accounts:
  2. - admin account, has admin privilege, set and remember a password
    user account, e.g. call it "RIIWARDS", no admin privilege, no password
  3. In the Control Panel search for 'screen saver' and make sure it is turned off
  4. We recommend that you disable automatic Windows Update. Go to Control Panel and search for 'Windows Update' and set to 'never check for updates'
  5. In the Control Panel -> System and Security -> Power Options -> Choose when to turn off the display: select 'never' when computer is plugged in
  6. Also we recommend: Unpin from the Task Bar all programs. Uninstall unnecessary computer programs. Hide all icons from the desktop by moving them into a folder.
  7. Also we recommend: Uninstall any program such as virus scanner that may prompt the computer for updates. Virus scanner is not needed if the computer is only used for check-in.

Step 2: Install and Prepare Browser
  1. Download and install Opera browser from http://www.opera.com/download
  2. Start Opera browser
  3. Got to www.riiwards.com and login to account
  4. Check the box 'Remember Me'
  5. In the navigation menu on right side select the page 'Self Check-in via Email or Mobile'
  6. Click on 'Opera' (upper lefthand corner) -> 'Settings' -> 'Preferences' -> tab 'General' button 'Use Current'
  7. Click on tab 'Forms' uncheck 'Enable Password Manager'
  8. Click on button 'OK' at the bottom
  9. Don't logout from browser, simply close it

Step 3: Setup Opera Browser for Kiosk Mode
  1. An Opera icon should be on the desktop. If not:
  2. - Start Menu -> All Programs
    - Locate Opera & right click to bring up context menu -> 'Create Shortcut'
    - Locate shortcut & right click to bring up context menu -> 'Properties'
  3. Optional: On desktop click with right mouse on Opera icon and rename to 'Riiwards'
  4. Extend Shortcut by adding after: ...opera.exe" /KioskMode /NoContextMenu /NoKeys
  5. Change 'Run:' selection to 'Maximized'
  6. Restart computer; when starting browser it will automatically display the Self Check-in Page

Step 4: Disable Keys
Now the Opera browser is set up in kiosk mode. We recommend to block additional keys, so customers do not accidently press buttons that move the browser away from the check-in page.
  1. Start e.g. the Internet Explorer. Download the tool SharpKeys from sharpkeys.codeplex.com and follow instructions to install it
  2. If promoted to install Windows .net install it as well
  3. Backup registry:
  4. - Start -> Run and enter 'regedit'
    - from the menu chose File -> Export, and save as a file to backup the current registry settings
  5. Double click on the SharpKeys shortcut placed on desktop to open application
  6. Select 'Add' to display keys to turn off: select keys and click 'OK':
  7. - Function F3
    - Function F6
    - Special Left Alt
    - Special Left Ctl
    - Special Left Windows
    - Special Right Alt
    - Special Right Ctl
    - Special Wake (or Fn)
  8. When complete click 'Write to Registry'
  9. Restart computer for changes to take effect

Step 5: Place Computer in Store
Now place the computer on a location in your store where customers can easily see and access it.
Also we recommend that you place your collateral next to it.

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