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bullet Launched Riiwards in 1 location as a test.
bullet Objective to build customer list and grow sales.
bullet In 6 months acquired 1,311 VIP Customers!
bullet Received 314 Likes, 158 Rave Reviews.
bullet Know our best customers incl. demographics and feedback!
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Casa Orozco Casa Orozco
"Incredible results in terms of signing up VIP customers, getting real feedback and bonding with our customers!"

Dickey's BBQ Dickey's BBQ
"We didn't have a customer list before Riiwards, now we have a fast growing list of customers, their profiles, their preferences, and feedback! We have signed up our other location as well."

Hairlights Hairlights Salon
"We always wanted to build a customer database with their Birthdays etc to send Rewards. Riiwards was easy, affordable and we were setup in minutes!"

Vic's Vic's All Star Kitchen
"Riiwards lets a small business like mine offer Rewards to grow my business! Just like a "Big Business" but at a fraction of the cost, time and effort."

Dogtopia Dogtopia
"I like that now each month our customers can automatically get Rewards for that month. It's completely automated and that means I can focus on my business"

Tomatina Tomatina
"We are excited by the results and see Riiwards as transforming how small business manages customer relationship and loyalty. We give them two thumbs up!"

Micros Systems Micros Systems
"Riiwards does an incredible job, very easy to use and the price point beats anything out there."
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