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Introducing Rewards Marketing!
Why is there a need for Rewards Marketing? Rewards Marketing Article
Email marketing doesn't deliver as it used to. You need something new that is less work and more results!
Features & Benefits EMAIL Marketing REWARDS Marketing
1. Drive new customers through automated rewards NO YES
2. Drive customer referrals through Rewards automatically NO YES
3. Gather customer profile to send targeted Rewards NO YES
4. Get customer feedback after each purchase or visit NO YES
5. Monthly rewards that are sent and trackable NO YES
6. Birthday and Anniversary Rewards automatically sent to customers NO YES
7. Completely automated with no template to select, no content to create NO YES
8. Setup and forget it! No updates or management needed NO YES

Is Rewards Marketing Right for You?

Do you want to capture more emails?
Asking them to sign up for your E-Club, Email club, Newsletter isn't the answer. Most people are overwhelmed with emails. You need something new and exciting!

Ask them to sign up for your Riiwards club and get an instant Reward!

Do you want to get your website visitors to make a purchase faster?
Offer a Sign up Reward with and watch them come in to redeem!

Do you want your customers to spend more?
Sending all customers the same email each month isn't the answer.

Offer targeted Monthly Rewards that bring them back more often!
E.g. Send a unique targeted offer to customers based on their age, gender, preferences.

Do you want to know your best customers so you can thank them?
Rewards Marketing will track and check-in each time they purchase to help you know your top customers at any time. Then send them a special thank you at the end of the year.

Do you want to get customer feedback so you can stop a problem before you lose a customer?
Rewards Marketing automatically asks each customer for feedback when they get their Reward email. So you get feedback each time they purchase!

Do you want to get your customers to drive referrals?(coming soon)
Rewards Marketing automatically rewards customers for referring their friends via Facebook and email, when those friends make a purchase. So you sign up new customers just by doing what you do best!
The new book "The Thank you Economy" underscores the importance of thanking your customers. Riiwards empowers you to thank your customers all year long with just a 1 hour investment!